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Miyabi 6000 MCT

Miyabi 6000 MCT

Well-designed knives mean a fusion of aesthetics and functionality. The Miyabi 6000MCT series has this in droves.

The core, made from ultra-hard MC63 micro carbide powder steel, is encased in two other steel layers featuring a hand hammered finish known in Japanese as Tsuchime. The CRYODUR blades are hardened in a special process (including ice-hardening at -196 °C), making them extremely hard (approx. 66 HRC).

The blade is honed on both sides using the Honbazuke technique to create an ultra-sharp finish. Every blade is honed by hand at a razor-sharp angle of 9.5° to 12°.

With a specially developed form, the sturdy pakkawood handle provides the perfect balance and high levels of comfort, enabling the user to effortlessly make use of any cutting technique. It is also sophisticated in look, with dark wood and a chic end cap.

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