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Robert Welch Knife Block

Robert Welch Knives

Expert UK Craftsmanship

Welcome to Cotswold Knife Company, the premier destination for the exquisite Robert Welch knives collection. Celebrating a legacy spanning over 60 years, Robert Welch is acclaimed for its precision engineering and innovative design, enhancing the culinary journey of chefs and home enthusiasts alike. Our collection boasts a range of award-winning knives and accessories from this iconic UK designer, each accompanied by a guarantee of at least 25 years, affirming our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. At Cotswold Knife Company, we are dedicated to providing passionate chefs and discerning home cooks with the finest Robert Welch knives, curated to inspire excellence in every kitchen.

The heritage of Robert Welch is a testament to the visionary British designer who transformed the kitchen knife industry. Since 1955, Robert Welch has been synonymous with the fusion of practicality and artistry in kitchen tools, inspired by the tranquil Cotswold landscapes. His commitment to excellence introduced ergonomic knife handles for unparalleled comfort and control, and the adoption of premium German stainless steel redefined standards for sharpness and durability.

Key Features

  • Hardness and Durability:Varies across the collection, with ratings typically in the range of 55-59 HRC, ensuring a balance between durability and ease of sharpening.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative design, using high-carbon German stainless steel for precision and longevity.
  • Ergonomic Handles: Thoughtfully designed for balance and comfort.
  • Material Utilizes premium German stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring each knife is both a tool and a work of art.


Yes! Robert Welch knives are designed and created in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, in the United Kingdom. The design business continues to operate in the same building where Robert Welch began his career over half a century ago.

Robert Welch knives are a symphony of precision and craftsmanship, meticulously forged from premium German stainless steel. This steel is renowned for its exceptional durability, ensuring that each knife remains a steadfast companion in culinary adventures. The knives boast a remarkable edge retention, maintaining their razor-sharp edge through countless slices and dices. Their German stainless steel construction isn't just about functionality; it's a tribute to the art of fine knife-making, where every cut is a testament to quality and excellence

Maintaining your Robert Welch knives involves careful practices to preserve their sharpness and quality:

  1. Cleaning: Hand-wash with warm water and mild detergent. Avoid dishwashers to prevent damage. Dry thoroughly to prevent rust.
  2. Honing: Regularly use a honing steel to maintain the edge. Use a 20-degree angle for effective alignment.
  3. Sharpening: Periodically sharpen your knives, depending on usage. Options include a whetstone, handheld sharpeners, or professional services.
  4. Storage: Use a knife block, magnetic strip, or protective sheaths. Avoid storing in drawers to prevent damage.
  5. Cutting Surface: Use wooden or plastic boards to preserve edge sharpness.
  6. Avoid Misuse: Use exclusively for food-related tasks.
  7. Handle with Care: Ensure balance and avoid dropping or mishandling.

The Robert Welch Signature and Professional knife series differ in their design and intended use, each tailored to specific culinary needs.

The Robert Welch Signature Series is known for its fluid, smooth design, making these knives not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The Signature Series includes a variety of knife types, such as vegetable knives, cook’s knives, and kitchen knives, often presented in sets with gift box packaging. This series is particularly notable for its ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand, ideal for prolonged use. The blades in this series are tempered for increased stability and strength, although they may require sharpening more regularly compared to some higher-end brands. This series is well-suited for keen domestic chefs who prioritize both functionality and design in their kitchen tools.

On the other hand, the Robert Welch Professional Series is designed for culinary excellence, catering more towards the professional chef or the serious home cook who demands high performance from their kitchen knives. This series includes various types of knives such as paring knives, bread knives, carving/slicing knives, Santoku knives, and utility knives. These knives are designed for comfort, balance, and precision in professional culinary environments.

Both series embody the quality and craftsmanship associated with Robert Welch products, but they cater to different levels of culinary expertise and preferences in kitchen aesthetics. The Signature Series offers a blend of style and practicality for home use, while the Professional Series focuses on delivering high performance for more demanding kitchen tasks.

Shop at Cotswold Knife Company with confidence, knowing we are a verified stockist of Robert Welch Knives.

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