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What Knives Do The World-Renowned Chef's Use?

What Knives Do The World-Renowned Chef's Use? - The Cotswold Knife Company

In this post we have researched all your favourite celebrity and professional chefs to find out exactly what they have in their kitchen.

Unveiling Gordon Ramseys kitchen knives of choice

In the high-octane realm of culinary arts, Gordon Ramsay stands as a colossus, renowned for his exquisite culinary skills. A question that often tantalizes the minds of both budding chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike is: What kind of knives does the maestro himself prefer? I am going to answer that question here!

The Henckels Zwilling Pro

Within the sleek confines of the Henckels Zwilling Pro 12-piece Knife Block Set lies a collection that has received the Ramsay stamp of approval. We know this as he is often seen using this block set on one of his most successful TV programs “Hell’s Kitchen” which "KnifeBuzz" kindly pointed out for us. This set is not just a mere assortment of knives; it's a testament to Ramsay's commitment to perfection in every chop, slice, and dice. 

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Zwilling Pro Block Set

Wusthof - The Legacy Blade

According to “Hell’s Kitchen Recipes” Wusthof knives hold a special place in Ramsay's kitchen. Each knife from this brand is a blend of heritage and innovation, a perfect ally for a chef who reveres tradition yet embraces modernity.

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A Glimpse Into The Kitchen Arsenal Of Jamie Oliver

As a celebrated chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver's choice of kitchenware is a subject of great interest for many culinary aficionados. In today's exploration, we delve into the brands of kitchen knives that Jamie Oliver not only uses but also endorses, giving us a glimpse into the tools that help shape his culinary masterpieces.

Wüsthof - The Mark of Precision

I feel Wusthof is going to be coming up on everyone’s list of favourite knives. Within the culinary circles, the name Wüsthof resonates with quality and precision. According to the “Best Chef Knives Blog” Jamie Oliver, in his illustrious career, has shown a preference for the Wüsthof range of chef knives. These knives are celebrated for their exceptional quality, a reason why many professional chefs, including Oliver, often stick with this brand throughout their careers.

Wusthof Knives

Jamie Oliver’s Partnership With Tefal - A Blend of Style and Functionality

Another significant endorsement from Jamie Oliver comes for the Tefal knife set. This range reflects a perfect amalgamation of Jamie Oliver's passion for food and Tefal's technological prowess. The partnership brings forth knives that are not just tools but extensions of a chef's creative expression.

Thomas Keller: A Maestro's Choice in Kitchen Knives

For a chef of Thomas’s calibre, every utensil plays a pivotal role in creating culinary masterpieces. Among these, the choice of kitchen knives is paramount.

The Extensive Thomas Keller Collection by Cangshan

This was a simple one to find with Thomas Keller having his own Signature Collection by Cangshan. This is a testament to Keller's dedication to quality and precision. This collection includes a range of knives, each designed for specific culinary tasks. The series features the YARI, ELBERT, HELENA, NAKA, OLIV, HAKU, KITA, EVEREST, and ALPS, offering chefs a comprehensive toolkit for their culinary endeavours.

What Is Anthony Bourdain Knife of Choice?

Global Knives With The Global G-2 8 Inch Being A Personal Favourite

Bourdain extolled the virtues of the Global G-2 Chef's Knife, emphasizing its utility for both professional chefs and novices alike. Global knives, originating from Japan, are revered for their exceptional craftsmanship and are considered among the best in the world. The G-2 line, in particular, has been a crowd favourite, demonstrating the perfect blend of form and function that Bourdain so greatly appreciated.

Bourdain's legacy in the culinary world goes beyond his shows and books; it extends to the very tools he used to make his art come to life.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, embracing a knife that Bourdain favoured is a step toward honouring his approach to cooking - one that values skill, quality, and a deep appreciation for the culinary arts.

Global Knives

Masaharu Morimoto: The Samurai Chef's Blades of Choice

Masaharu Morimoto, often recognized as an Iron Chef from the popular television show "Iron Chef" and "Iron Chef America," is a prominent Japanese chef known for his unique style of cooking and fusion of Eastern and Western culinary techniques. Born on May 26, 1955, in Hiroshima, Japan, Morimoto initially aspired to become a professional baseball player before a shoulder injury shifted his focus to the culinary world. He honed his skills in sushi and traditional Kaiseki cuisine in Hiroshima and later opened his first restaurant in the United States in 2001, named "Morimoto," in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Morimoto is celebrated for his innovative approach that blends traditional Japanese flavors with ingredients from various cuisines, creating a distinct and modern culinary style. Anyway, let’s get onto his knife of choice!

Miyabi Knives: Miyabi knives are crafted in Seki, Japan, a place historically renowned for its samurai-sword makers. This lineage is evident in the quality and craftsmanship of Miyabi knives. The chef's knife, a staple in Morimoto's kitchen, is a favourite among professional chefs for its balance, sharpness, and durability. Morimoto endorses two series from Miyabi, showcasing his preference for tools that excel in both functionality and aesthetics.

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Miyabi Knives

Alton Brown’s Knife Of Choice

Alton Brown, renowned for his approach to cooking as a blend of science and art, is a celebrated figure in the culinary world. Best known for his work on television shows like "Good Eats," Brown has always emphasized the importance of choosing the right tools in the kitchen. His preference in knives is no exception, reflecting his meticulous approach to culinary preparation.

Shun Knives - The Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Alton Brown has shown a strong preference for Shun knives. The Shun Classic Blonde 7” Santoku Knife is one such example from his recommended collection. These knives are known for their full tang VG-MAX blades and Blonde PakkaWood handles, a fusion of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern blade technology. Brown's exploration of the Shun line highlights their suitability for various culinary tasks, emphasizing their versatility and quality. As seen in the YouTube video here

What Knife Does Bobby Flay Choose?

Bobby Flay, a renowned name in the culinary world, is as particular about his kitchen tools as he is about his flavours. Known for his vibrant cooking style and as a star on various cooking shows, Flay’s choice in kitchen knives offers insight into what a top chef looks for in his most essential tool.

Bobby Flay’s Choice – Kai SHUN

It is no secret that at the heart of Bobby Flay's knife collection lies the Shun Classic, as outlined by “Hells Kitchen’s Recipes”. This knife, celebrated for its precision and quality, is a favorite of Flay for everyday cooking. The Shun Classic isn’t just a knife; it's a testament to the belief that the right knife can transform your cooking experience, much like finding a “kitchen soulmate”.

He has, however, also recommended Wusthof much like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey. As researched by “The cooking facts

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KAI shun knives

Nigella Lawson's favourite knives

Nigella Lawson, celebrated for her approachable yet sophisticated culinary style, has always emphasized the importance of having the right tools in the kitchen. Her choice of kitchen knives reflects her culinary ethos, combining functionality with a touch of elegance.

Füri FX Coppertail East West Knife - A Fusion of Styles

In her TV series, Nigella frequently uses knives made by the Australian company Furi, particularly the FX Coppertail East West knife. This knife, which combines elements of Japanese-style blades with Western design, is available in both 12.5cm and 18cm sizes. It exemplifies Nigella's culinary philosophy of blending different culinary traditions to create something uniquely delightful.