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MIYABI 6000 MCT 16cm Gyutoh
MIYABI 6000 MCT 16cm Gyutoh
MIYABI 6000 MCT 16cm Gyutoh
MIYABI 6000 MCT 16cm Gyutoh
MIYABI 6000 MCT 16cm Gyutoh
MIYABI 6000 MCT 16cm Gyutoh

MIYABI 6000 MCT 16cm Gyutoh

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The GYUTOH measuring 16 cm in length has a smooth, pointed blade which makes the knife well suited to cutting and slicing fish and meat. Large vegetables are also no problem. MIYABI paid attention to making an authentic Japanese blade profile that makes the knife extremely hard and sharp. The cutting qualities are completed by the Pakka wood handle which is comfortable to hold. The blade is manufactured from micro-carbide powder steel which is embedded between two other layers of steel. The blade is hardened even further using a special procedure such as ice-hardening at -196 degrees Celsius in order to achieve extremely high levels of hardness and sharpness. The blade has been ground on both sides and finished using the Honbazuke blade-honing technique. It is also very aesthetically pleasing thanks to the Tsuchime design which looks like the surface has been hammered. The ergonomically shaped handle is made out of cocobolo pakkawood, which is a dark, smooth-grained wood standing in direct contrast to the blade. The handle has a bent shape to make effortless cutting possible. The handle is well balanced which is typical of knives of the MIYABI 6000MCT series. Thanks to this balance, it’s possible to work for extended periods without tiring. With the high-quality, Japanese knife, you can complete many jobs in the kitchen.

  • Blade core made of MicroCarbide MC63 powder steel embedded in 2 layers of steel. This provides a hardness of approx. 63 Rockwell. (International standard unit of measurement for hardness)
  • CRYODUR® ice-hardened blades provide particularly good cutting edge retention, corrosion resistance and optimum blade flexibility.
  • Authentic Japanese blade profile with Tsuchime look (hammered finish).
  • The symmetrical blade with ultra-sharp Honbazuke edge ensures incredible sharpness.
  • Dimensionally-stable pakka wood handle for perfect balance, outstanding comfort and fatigue-free cutting with all cutting techniques sophisticated dark wood look.
  • D-shaped Cocobolo pakkawood handle
  • Blade core made of MicroCarbide MC63 powder steel embedded in 2 layers of steel. Made in Seki, Japan
  • Warranty: ZWILLING Lifetime Warranty

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Miyabi – The Beauty of Sharpness

Following the rich tradition of Japanese samurai swords, MIYABI knives are extraordinarily sharp while being beautiful to behold. Each MIYABI knife embodies purity, grace and elegance- the three qualities most revered in Japanese culture.

It takes more than 100 steps and 42 days to make one knife worthy of the MIYABI brand. Each authentic knife is crafted true to Japanese tradition by skilled artisans and forged from premium steels and modern state-of-the art technology. Each blade boasts long-lasting sharpness, exceptionally-precise cutting and superior performance.

Products include, vegetable Shotoh knives, Gyutoh chef knives, multi-use Santoku knives, Sujihiki carving knives, and Chutoh utility knives, as well as modern serrated bread knives

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