Tamahagane San 21cm Carving Fork

Product Description

The carving fork is a shared kitchen utensil in homes that enjoy the consumption of most meats. A perfect accompaniment with the carving knife when required to slice poultry, fish, beef, lamb and other food items. Designed with specific curves and very sharp points to be able to hold meat in place as it gets carved. The two prongs that are made from durable, high-quality steel that characterise its shape, indicating that this is a precise tool that is used for hygienic processing of cooked food but also for serving onto plates. The carving fork offers convenient and ergonomic usability for those festive or social occasions, that is always appreciated. Chefs typically use the carving fork when examining larges pieces of meat out of a pot or oven; the long handle enables a significant amount of range to prevent any burns or injuries in the kitchen when handling hot products.

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