Tamahagane San 18.5cm Chinese Chopper

Product Description

The most fitting Eastern variation to the well known Western meat cleaver, the Chinese chopper is a knife that is used for every purpose, in China. Despite “cleaver” being in the name, the blade is not really known to be used for cutting sizeable dense animal bones. It is better suited for chicken bones and wide vegetables. In the hands of an adept wielder, the Chinese chopper can show its versatility with the ability to julienne, slice, dice and mince vegetables of all kinds, despite its size. A multi-purpose knife that can also crush garlic and ginger on its flat side and tenderise meat with the back of the blade. What differentiates the Chinese cleaver to its Western counterpart is the thin sharp blade that enables it to perform more delicate tasks — typically made from carbon steel or stainless steel, or even a combination of both.

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